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I am a Milton Keynes based Mummy Blogger. I am a mum to two wonderful children. Nate who was born in December 2011 and Savannah who was born in August 2016. I am blogging about my very full packed life, but I am showing that full-time working mums can be great mothers and great employees, we can have it all. I love to have fun days out, and want to show all the fun things in life to my children. I love going to the cinema, eating out, day trips, reading and writing.

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mum and toddler at chiquito

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Random facts about me:

1. My Nan gave birth to 14 children, and I now have over 50 cousins

2. I saw Usain Bolt’s last good race!

3. I am an extremely fussy eater (though I love to eat out!)

4. I suffer from Migraines

5. I love RnB and Hip Hop music

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5 thoughts on “About and Follow Me

  1. Hi. I found you through the comment on my blog beingmumtoday.com. I’m originally from Milton keynes as well (small world!) and a working mum. Great to read positive posts about being a great mum and holding down a full time job!

  2. Oh that’s cool Becky – ’tis a small world, shame you don’t still live her tho! Thanks for the support, I don’t know many mum’s that work full-time so it is nice to not feel alone!

  3. Great to read your blog especially as you are a working mum living in Milton Keynes
    We live in MK & I’m really interested in your days out articles

    • Oooh hello fellow Milton Keynesian! Thank you hun, I often post about Milton Keynes based days out, if you subscribe you will receive all of my blog posts in future.

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