Half Term Hell

This is hard to write because I feel guilty about my own feelings but I know I feel better when I read real life posts from other mummy bloggers. It wasn’t all bad, check out my half term heaven post.

It was my first half term and bear in mind I had the addition of an 11 week old baby who is still waking a lot in the night so I am sleep deprived too plus I only had hubby for one of the six days he was off school.

I really struggled…

carved pumpkin

My son has changed so much since he started school. He has so much energy now, so much more than before and he is hyper verbal. He is also going through a stage of following me wherever I go, perhaps due to the baby and being disobedient. All of this added up to a lot of tension and tears (including my own!)

He is very good with the baby in general, he absolutely adores her, but the problem with that is he simply won’t leave her alone. He loves nothing more than to get up into her face, plastering her with kisses, or pulling her arms, poking her etc. He does it all with love but it is too much, sometimes it makes her cry and no matter what I say he will not leave her alone. I don’t want to tell him off too much regarding his sister because I don’t want him to start associating negative feelings with her as in time it could change the way he feels about her. I don’t want him to resent her.

Until he went to school he used to listen to what I said and was very well behaved, he wasn’t perfect but he was a very good and polite little boy. Since he has started school he is grumpy, he sulks more, he shouts and he flat out ignores what I tell him to do. I am not used to him disobeying me so it is a very difficult transition for me.

I think I need to be firmer with him…usually, if he was naughty I would take something he liked away, but would give him the opportunity to earn it back by being good. I think that he now believes he can be bad as long as he is good later, which is obviously unacceptable.

So today, we were in a play centre, he ran off with a toy that someone else was playing with (so not like him!) the child came over and asked for it back (with the parent – how embarrassing, this has never happened before). I told him to give it back, he didn’t, I warned him by counting to 3. I got to three, which he knows should never happen, and therefore I said he is no longer allowed a special drink with his lunch.

He got very upset and asked how he could earn it back…that is very telling, I think I realised at that point what he was doing. I told him that he was not going to get the special drink and that he couldn’t earn it back because he took a toy from another child but if he started being good then he wouldn’t lose other things that he liked, and I gave him some examples like the Ipad or dessert.

I hope this new way of disciplining him will work, as I want my lovely well-behaved boy back…I miss him!

Since he is now back at school it has gotten a little easier as I don’t have to try to entertain him all day long whilst trying to keep his baby sister happy, fed and rested. But, I feel terrible that I wanted him to go back to school, I have never felt that way before and I am sure it will pass and that future school holidays will get easier as I get more used to them, well I really hope so.



Bye Bye Newborn – Baby Savannah 2 Month Progress Update

Ok, so I missed out on the 1 month update, I plead sleep deprivation as well as some family stuff, so I thought I would start Savannah’s baby update’s with 2 months instead.

Baby Savannah, my daughter, came into the world via planned c-section on 11th August, and this is how we are doing after 2 months…


She sleeps a lot! Well at least in the day time, let me count the ways:

2 month old napping6 week old baby naps1 month old napping

Actually night time sleeping has improved over the last couple of weeks. She is currently only waking twice at night (for the most part. Usually around 1pm and 5pm. I never had that with my son Nate, if you look back to my early blog posts you will see that I was terribly sleep deprived with him up until 5 months because he slept for 2-3 hour stretches through the night, all the way until he slept through the night at 5 months, there was no gentle progression, so I thought it would never happen. Perhaps Savannah will be different and make progress each week? Who knows.


Savannah is not at all patient when it comes to receiving her milk, not at all, and she is not shy about letting you know about it. Her routine, thus far, has been to sleep, then wake up for milk, cry scream very loudly until she receives said milk, guzzles it down like we have starved her for 3 days and then falls back asleep.

formula feeding 2 month old

Of course that is a slight exaggeration as she does stay awake for short periods to stare at the lights or our faces. She often wakes up just as I am about to take my first bite of lunch or dinner – literally I think she can smell the food or something and thinks, not so fast mummy!

I managed to breastfeed on and off for about 4 weeks but my milk has dried up now and she gets frustrated when I try so we are now exclusively on the bottle. Sometimes she takes the 4/5 ounces she is supposed to have, but she is a bit of snacker and prefers 1-2 ounces every couple of hours.

One little gadget that appears to be the big thing these days is the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine, it is seriously one of the best little baby gadgets we have bought, well that and our video baby monitor. The perfect prep machine is pretty expensive, at around £70-£100 at full price, but if you have a mum to mum Facebook group to buy from, I suggest you use that instead, which is what we did and got a second hand machine for £20, and we love it! My husband calls it a cappuccino machine for babies as that is what it looks and sounds like! Basically, the machine prepares the perfect bottle in less than 2 minutes, at the correct temperature.

The WHO guidelines state that you should boil the water and let it cool down for 30 minutes before giving to baby, that is officially how you are supposed to prepare formula, but I have yet to meet a baby patient enough to wait 30 minutes, so we have never really been able to do that. However, this machine is magic…you choose how many ounces you want, place a bottle under the spout and press the button, it pours a little boiled water in, you then scoop in the formula and shake, then press the button again and it fills up the rest of the bottle with cold water (bare in mind you have 2 minutes to enter the formula and shake before it switches off, and yes beads of sweat sometimes start to form if I get distracted mid-cycle!), and voila you have the perfectly prepared bottle ready to go in less than 2 minutes – I highly recommend and no I have not been sponsored I just love this machine! Only downside is that it only starts at 4oz which means you cannot use for a newborn (unless you want to waste a lot of milk).


We got our very first, no windy, smile right on the 6 week target, it was magic, and just what I needed after a bad night.

6 week old baby smile

She is doing well with her tummy time, another aspect of babyhood that has changed since Nate was a baby is that health visitors are encouraging tummy time right from birth, I believe this is to help with head and neck control and strength, and to avoid a flattened head, which happens due to babies spending so long on their backs. Savannah actually likes being on her tummy and will often fall asleep as such (I only let her do that in full view of me on a play mat, not over night).

newborn baby tummy time


We think that Savannah may have Colic as she is very unhappy in the evenings, I know that the witching hours are the time when most babies become unsettled (about 5-11pm) but Savvy gets particularly upset and cries a lot, and it is next to impossible to calm her. This happens approximately 4 times a week, and my poor husband has to deal with the brunt of it as I go to bed about 8pm, so that I can get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep before he brings her up at 11pm. I intend to write a separate post about ways of calming a baby, as we have a lot of tricks up our sleeve by now, which some of you may find useful, but I would really appreciate more, so if you have any neat ideas of how to calm a crying baby please comment below.

Basically we cycle through different tricks until one of them settles her, we have tried different medication such as Infacol and Colief, Infacol works well for wind. She likes the carrier, being rocked, especially in the fisherprice vibrating, rocking chair, being pushed in the pram, going for a drive, having her tummy rubbed (clock-wise), looking at the lights on her play mat etc. The latest thing we are trying, as recommended by a couple of friends is a Cranial Osteopath, I will feed back if this helps.

2 month old on playmat


This time round I had a planned c-section due to a very difficult birth with my son. It was much calmer this time, and they talked me through everything that was happening so I found it much more peaceful. The midwives were amazing this time too, Milton Keynes hospital have definitely improved their post-natal care since my last birth, I felt very well cared for this time.

My recovery was much quicker this time, and I was able to drive (on medical advice) after 4 weeks, instead of the usual 6 weeks. C-sections are not easy though, to be clear, the first couple of weeks were hard, I was not able to lie on my side or lay flat for a week, and since I sleep on my side I got very little sleep that first week. I had to have 10 days of injections, which my husband had to administer, that was not fun. Going over speed-bumps in the car for the first week was interesting, and by interesting I mean painful, you cannot exercise, drive, or lift anything heavier than the baby – which made me feel useless whilst waiting for my husband to carry things, but as I said it was easier this time and I felt like I healed more quickly.

2 month old baby