Baby Savannah – 6 month Progress Update

I cannot believe the changes since I wrote the last update about my beautiful daughter Savannah at 3 months old. A lot changes in 3 months, in the world of a baby.

6 month old sitting up

Physical Development

This is the area that she has changed the most, at 3 months she  Continue reading


First night away

My darling boy spent his very first night away from home last night. He stayed with Nana and Grandad in their new home! It was a huge mix of emotions for me; I was thrilled to be spending a whole night and day alone with hubby but I also missed him terribly.

The husband and I did make the most of it though. We had dinner and cocktails at Las Iguanas (yum) followed by a movie. We had a nice lie-in the next day, followed by brunch at Harvester and we saw “Fast Girls” at the cinema. We also got lots done round the house before we picked him up at 5pm.

When I arrived he greeted me with a big smile and lots of grabbing of my face, necklace and glasses, which I interpreted as he missed me too. Nana and Grandad said he was brilliant, he slept through the night, even though it was a new cot and house and he was well behaved and happy all day. I was so relieved to hear he slept well and coped well in a new setting, my good little boy.


Sleeping on tummy troubles!

Without going into the details of our horrible teething incident over the weekend Nate, now 6 months old has mastered a new skill which is causing him to wake up a lot at night!!

He rolls over on to his tummy and gets stuck and cries until we turn him over! It is very frustrating as he woke up 5 times last night because of it, it’s been going on for a few nights. It’s hard to know what to do, let him cry it out or to rescue him? Me and hubby have different ideas, I rescue, he lets him cry it out. Not sure long term which is best so any advice welcome.

From what I have read this is another short phase that he will eventually grow out of. For now we are going to be doing lots of tummy time!