Cats – The Musical – review by a theatre novice!

This is trip 1 from my ’12 Trips Challenge’, which I mentioned about in my resolutions post. So January is officially done, bring on February!

Last week hubby and I went on a trip to see Cats the musical, in London. We are very lucky to work in such a large organisation that they have a club that arranges theatre trips, and manages to get a great group booking rate, as well as arranging travel, so the whole process was really easy. They picked us up from work in a coach – so we got to sit back and listen to audiobooks, tweet and blog while someone else drove us.

We were dropped off on Regents street with enough time for dinner – perfect! So we headed over to Carnaby street – I love shopping here as they have quaint shops, not just the usual highstreet chains, they also have choccywoccydoodah here, which for nostalgia reasons hubby and I stepped inside – well they did make our wedding cake. Look at this amazing (recent) creation:

fairy wedding cake

Our next stop was at Ben’s cookies – now I found this place on Tripadvisor, the reviews were amazing and the picture of the cookie on the page made me salivate so much that I needed a costume change mid-stare. They were every bit as delicious as I had hoped, I particularly enjoyed the more subtle single flavoured cookies – white chocolate, milk chocolate and peanut butter – they were so good I am almost considering walking to London right now to pick some up. It’s only 50 miles. And why did we only buy 7 cookies? I mean, who does that? Cookies of this magnificence were surely meant to be purchased by the dozen!

best cookie in the world

Using the Tripadvisor app, I realised they have a “near you now” section which showed us all the restaurants within walking distance – it was fab, we used that, found a quaint Hawaiian restaurant (Kua Aina) and enjoyed a Guacamole burger and a bacon sandwich:

guacamole burger and bacon sandwhich

Finally it was time to go to the Theatre. I was so excited as I have heard about Cats since I was little, and had always wanted to go, but by the time I was old enough to take myself there (my parents didn’t go to London much and certainly never went to the theatre) Cats had ceased in London, but finally they are back!

When we were seated I could not believe how good our seats were, I didn’t choose the seats, they were allocated, so we just got lucky. We were in the royal circle (the upper bit) but front row centre, so fair enough we could have been front row and centre in the stalls but I really loved the view from up there, check this out:

cats the musical stage

As I have implied in the title, I am a theatre novice, which means I have only been to the theatre a handful of times, but these were the best seats I had ever had.

So I am sure that like normal people you have probably already seen Cats – I am yet to find someone who hasn’t see it, so there is no point me relaying the story (or lack there-of) to you, so I will keep it brief.

I loved the music – particularly the first song “Jellicle Cats” – although the whole time I was thinking, what the hell is a Jellicle cat? Surely that is not a real word? I really loved the Rum Tum Tugger song, mostly because the guy was so mesmerising and because they did it in a hip hop vein, and as a lover of hip hop music and dancing that was a nice and unexpected treat for me. Finally I loved Memory – the famous song – sang by Nicole Sherzinger – who utterly blew my socks off – she was like an opera singer, I could not believe how surprisingly amazing her voice was.

nicole sherzinger as grizabella

I loved the dancing and I loved the talent before me, the characters were amazingly cat-like, all had the most amazing and varied voices and could dance like they were in a ballet – it was very impressive and I was utterly mesmerised. So much so that I wanted to relive the experience but was brutally re-buffed by itunes and amazon. The latest version of the soundtrack, which was released only last year was so sub-par that I couldn’t bring myself to buy it. Why don’t they have a recording of the actual show, with the actual actors on the stage? The ones on this soundtrack just do not live up to what I heard, so it is a shame. I guess I will have to go back and see it again…

Did you know that the musical is based on T.S Eliot poetry? I had no idea! Especially T.S Eliot, I was force-fed his poetry during my A-levels and thought it was awful, so I am surprised he wrote something so good. I might even purchase the book of cat poems to read to Nate. I played him a few of the songs and he bopped away to them.

Who has seen it and what do you think?

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12 thoughts on “Cats – The Musical – review by a theatre novice!

  1. I love Cats. I was lucky enough to see it with Elaine Page starring and she was amazing. I’ve heard that Nicole Schertzinger (correct spelling?) is superb and it sounds like you had a fab evening with hubby. PS I’m also considering wALKING TO London for those cookies! #brilliantblogposts

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