Early Pregnancy

Early pregnancy is a mix of excitement, coping with various symptoms such as soreness, tiredness and if you are unlucky sickness and vomiting. The hardest thing about early pregnancy though is the waiting. I truly believe that time goes slower during the first trimester than any other time in life, including waiting for paint to dry. It is excruciatingly slow if you decide not to share the news with everyone, and you feel like you are bursting to tell everyone, what a secret it is to keep!

12 week scan image

I particularly found it hard to keep the secret from my son, but I had to protect him, as I have miscarried in the past and didn’t want to confuse him or upset it with that.

It’s amazing how much more I have been worrying about this time, well maybe not more worries, but different worries.

First pregnancy worries included:

  1. Labour arghhhh!!!
  2. Money
  3. No me time
  4. How to take care of a baby
  5. Sleep deprivation

This time round these are my current worries:

  1. Money (again)
  2. Will Nate accept the baby and not be too jealous?
  3. What if the baby wakes Nate up too much?
  4. Migraines 🙁
  5. Will my relationship with Nate change?

I’m now in my 16th week of pregnancy and have finally started to get my energy back. For the last 3 months I have had no evenings because I have been sleeping, which is part of the reason for the blog hiatus (sorry). It is so much harder second time round. Not only am I working full-time but I also have a child to take care of (and a husband, though I had that last time) which gives so much less time, and it is harder to crash. But I am still excited about extending our family, and giving my son the gift of a sibling and hopefully a life-long friend. At least I hope he sees it that way. 

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