How to Play with your Kids (a new way of thinking)

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I know how to play with my kids, you’re probably thinking, of course you do, but how about thinking of your this time, and not them, what is fun for you, what did you used to do?

It’s Good Friday tomorrow, a lovely long weekend ahead for those of us who work (outside of retail), and with typical British weather I was trying to think of some indoor activities to do with my son, and not just Easter related activities. We will hide eggs over the house and do some Easter crafts and baking, but 4 days is a lot of time to fill, so I was particularly inspired by a book I recently read called “The Happiness Project”, in which the author, in trying to come up with fun things to do she thinks back to her own childhood and what she used to find fun. She used to make a version of scrap-books – which actually sounds fun, although she called it a blank book – and I might give that a go – you just need blank paper, glue scissors, and a bunch of magazines, comics, catalogues, photos etc. stick in it the things that inspire you, which is sort of what we do with our blogs.

So I decided to have a little think about what I used to enjoy doing when I was a child as inspiration for playing with my son this long weekend, here is my list:

1. Writing stories and quizzes and I kept a diary – I always had a notebook in my hand as a child, my mum was forever groaning after the incessant questions I would ask them during my quiz sessions, and when we went to toy shops I would often just buy a notepad and pens – yeah weird I know!

2. I made paper airplanes – with a twist! My brother liked making paper airplanes, which was a bit boring for me, but to join in I made them too, but, in addition, I would cut out windows into the plane, and then cut out little people and animals and insert them into the windows so that the plane had passengers!

3. Building a den outside, or a home as I used to call it, we would collect all sorts of things from the area to make a home, used empty boxes, old pillows, sticks, flowers, old tires etc.

4. Playing board games – I loved and still love playing board games, sometimes my brother and I would play monopoly and then leave it overnight in my room and play the next day and keep going on and on with the same game for like a week, I think we must have made up our own rules for it to go on that long!

5. Radio stations – I had a tape recorder and would record myself having my own radio station, I would interview my brother and parents, I would sing the songs in between instead of playing real songs (I love singing) and would do all the talking about my day like a DJ does and it was all recorded onto tape. (It’s a little embarrassing to be sharing this with the world, but I was 7)!

Some of my activities are a bit old for my 3 year old, but I think he would love to make paper airplanes and maybe even add a twist to them like I did. I have never encouraged him to build a den before, but I am sure he would love it and we already play board games so that’s covered.

So my plan to incorporate into my Easter plans is Den Building and paper airplane making. What are yours? Do you remember any activities you loved to do as a child? Please share them!

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  1. I love the idea of radio station!! I used to spend for ever doing ‘fashion design’ trying to come up with new outfits. I also used to love redesigning my room and moving all the furniture around 🙂

    thanks for linking up xx #TheList
    Hannah Mums’ Days recently posted…My step daughterMy Profile

    • Thanks fantastic – do you still love to do those things now? I find what we did when we were young is quite revealing. I still love to do all the things I did then.

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