2 week old baby Nate (15th Dec 2011)

I went to bed early again tonight – 9pm! I’m very tired. I put Nate in the Moses basket beside me and watched TV in bed for a short while, then shortly after I switched it off to go to sleep, Nate started crying and awoke me from my reverie.

I tried giving him some milk (even though he had just had some), I checked his nappy, checked his temperature, made sure he was not too hot or too cold but I couldn’t see anything wrong – ahhhhh! He kept crying! I went downstairs to ask Colin what he thought I should do, we discussed it for a short while then he said “wind”. Colin grabbed the Infacol (our new best-friend) from the bed-side table, gave some to Nate and then preceded to wind him. After 10 minutes of winding, a big burp came out, he stopped crying and went back to sleep.

It’s good to remember that babies cry for a reason, so I must remember to try different things until one of them works such as milk, nappy, temperature, wind, love and attention.

Colin also suggested that we think about trying a dummy. I was against them before Nate came along but now I am wavering.

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