10 week old baby Nate (16th Feb 2012)

It’s been a really hard week, I’ve been so tired, probably more tired then I have been since Nate was born. I haven’t been falling asleep until about 12 and since Nate wakes at around 1-2am and then again at 5am that is not a lot of sleep. I think I am worrying about things that I don’t need to worry about, I worry about my family, about Nate and whether he is well, am I doing the right things? When will he sleep more? Should I move him out of our room – if I do does that make me a bad parent?

I also think I am bit stressed by the fact that Nate does not seem to be sleeping any longer than he did a month ago. I wish there would be some improvement, even just a little so that I know it is going in the right direction.I use the “What to expect” app to track his milk and his sleeping patterns, so I can easily see that he is sleeping about the same amount and the same sort of times.

So tired…

Last night his pattern looked like this:

8:30pm bed

1:22am – woke up (milk given and nappy changed)

4:47am – woke up (milk given and nappy changed)

7:40am awake for the day

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