2 Day Old Baby Nate (7th Dec 2011)

Being in hospital for 5 days totally sucks! I didn’t sleep the whole time I was in there. I actually started hallucinating that a man was trying to break in and steal the babies – I even rang the police! I’m fairly certain that is why they were reluctant to let me leave, though they didn’t say it.

My son was born by emergency c-section at 1am, then at 9am, just 8 hours later, the nurse told me that I would have to walk myself to the shower and remove my dressing that very day, I almost cried when she told me – how ridiculous, I have just had abdominal surgery, moving just an inch in my bed hurts like hell and they want me to walk!!

It was so painful, I started out by trying to get off the bed, then I moved myself into the chair, then tried to stand up, eventually I was bent over like an old woman shuffling my way to the shower room, it took all day long to get to that point, but I did it. It was horrible. Removing the dressing – also not pleasant – much water was needed but it came off eventually.

The worst part though was after Colin went home on that first night, I was left alone and in pain and having to try to feed my son. It was so amazingly painful as I couldn’t reach him from the bed, so I had to get out of bed every time he cried to try to feed him.

Breastfeeding was hard work but the midwives were fantastic and ever so helpful. They also didn’t frown upon supplementing with a bottle, as I told them I was hoping to combination feed.

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