Mums don’t have to be girly (to raise a girl) – I hope

I was so excited when I found out I was having a girl, but I have to admit, I am not a girly girl, like at all. Sometimes I wonder if I really am a girl, but I think the fact that I am pregnant is proof positive that I am.

When I was growing up, I had a brother and lots of male cousins, so I climbed trees, played football and basketball, watched wrestling (go Hulk Hogan!), I collected football stickers and had memorised the name of every premier league football ground.

lady dangling off of grand canyon

Now that I am an adult let me count the ways where I don’t feel like I’m like other women:

  1. I don’t like wine
  2. I don’t love shopping
  3. I don’t decorate or know how to
  4. I don’t garden and cannot even keep a plant alive
  5. I am not good at cleaning and definitely don’t enjoy it
  6. I rarely iron anything (not because I am scruffy but because I buy things that don’t need ironing)
  7. I don’t sew, crotchet or knit (though I don’t necessarily dislike them)
  8. I cannot bake (which is probably a good thing for my waist-line)
  9. I love action/super-hero and horror movies
  10. I love playing computer games

So my daughter is about to come into a very male-orientated family, with not just a daddy and a big brother but a mother who is a tom-boy at heart. I wonder how she will cope, and us for that matter? Maybe she will influence me and bring out my feminine side?

What I do know though is that, I may not be girly, but I am still a mummy, and I absolutely love being one, so I am thoroughly looking forward to taking on the new role of a mummy to a daughter. Not long to go now…

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