I’ll be there for you…(review of BakerDays)

What’s your favourite episode of Friends? (Scroll down to see mine).
It was my bestie’s birthday recently and I was reminiscing a little on our friendship. We met during our last year of high school on a school trip but became best friends during our A-levels so that means we have been best friends for 15 years!

In light of that, when I was asked by BakerDays to review one of their Letterbox cakes, who better to try it with me, my bestie! BakerDays said they could put absolutely any image on a cake, so I had to think, and being in a reflective mood I thought about what summed up our friendship. So thinking back, one of our big passions back then was “Friends”! We used to watch it together every Thursday night, at her house, it was THE event. So check out this very cool Friends inspired cake from BakerDays:

bakerdays letterbox personalised cake

It tastes as amazing as it looks, I was surprised by how moist it was, considering the journey it had through royal mail plus it fit right through my letter box. Isn’t that cool? No having to traipse to the Royal Mail depot, which, being a full-time worker, I almost never find the time to do, I am always happier when the items I order fit through the letter box – genius. I loved how many different flavours they had on offer from victoria sponge to chocolate and even gluten free options.

It comes in a gorgeous blue tin with embossed writing, a keep sake for sure, and includes candles and some balloons and a little card which is a really cute touch. Candles and balloons are not the kind of thing I have lying around, so it meant when I showed up at my friends’ house, I was fully prepared. It also included instructions to ensure the cake did not suffer from my clumsy hands.
personalised baker days cake

The size is perfect to share with approximately four people I would say, though two greedy bestie’s drinking wine and binge watching episodes of “Friends” will work nicely too. Though since we are watching Friends, I felt like I should order the Joey special – two pizza’s or at least a meatball sub. I can’t give away two cake’s I’m afraid (alas!) however if you would like to win one of these beauties scroll down and look for the rafflecopter.

I was very happy with the cake and how special they made it, as was my best friend. At first, I thought the price of £14.99 for this 5 inch cake was probably a bit high then I thought of how completely personalised you can make it, from the ingredients to the design and then the fact that they will deliver it the next day, actually that is pretty darn great! Baker Days do have cakes for every occasion (for example Father’s Day, Graduations, Birthdays etc.) and amazing looking cupcakes everything from Frozen-themed cupcakes to “Keep Calm Carry on” which are so cute!

If you would like a cake for free, scroll down and enter through Rafflecopter.

If you were miraculously living under a rock in the late 90s and haven’t given this sitcom a try, here are my favourite episodes that I recommend. If these don’t getcha hooked, nothing will.

Numbered but in no particular order, here are my top 5 episodes to binge-watch with your best Friends:
1. The one with all the poker, series one
I have to admit that series one is not my favourite to watch, this series looks particularly dated, particularly with the bad hair cuts, but then I think this is true of most serials, Charmed, Sex and the City, Will and Grace etc…the first season curse!
The best line from this episode has to be from Joey: “I fold like a cheap hooker who got slapped in the face by a bald guy with sores on his face” (I remembered that from memory – yep a little sad, maybe I should have left the house more as a teen).
Oooh but I also love the line, Phoebe: “Joker, is poker with a J, coincidence?” Chandler “That’s Jo-incidence with a C”

2. The one when Rachel and Ross kiss, series two
How exciting was this episode? I was so excited that they finally got together, though it took a few tries before they finally worked it out! The best line from this episode, from Ross “You’re over me? When were you…under me?”

3. The one where Ross and Rachel break up, series three
How much did you cry when you first watched that episode? Yes I still well-up a little, it’s so sad because they were so meant for it other. But, I have to ask, who did you side with Ross or Rachel? Were they on a break or not? I’m with Rachel, he cheated, nuff said! Best line, from Joey: “Do you think I need a new walk?”

4. The one where they’re up all night – series nine
They are all on the roof looking for the “burger king comet” when they all find excuses to leave, except for Joey and Ross who get stuck on the rook and can’t get down “but don’t worry, we’re going to go down the fire escape”, but it gets stuck. I love all the different methods they try to get down.
Best line, from Ross: “It’s just like bungee-jumping, but instead of bouncin’ back up you, you won’t.”

5. The one where everyone finds out – series five
I love that Monica and Chandler have been dating in secret, it was a lot of fun, but everyone finding out and playing tricks on them was even better.Best line, from Phoebe: “They don’t know that we know they know we know” – I still say that to my hubby sometimes – he can’t say it without getting tongue-tied!

I have to admit that I am finding both work and home-life a little overwhelming at the moment, and I am struggling to remember, or plan what presents to buy, and often think “oh crap it’s <insert name> birthday/anniversary this week”. We are half-way into June and I already feel that “June” was sent from the universe to “test me”. I have my husband’s birthday, fathers day, BritMums, our family holiday (to plan/purchase and pack for) and insane work schedule, new members of staff and more…and yet there is always cake. It is good to know that there are small miracles out there just waiting to make my life easier, and a personalised, quickly delivered, fit-through your letter-box cake is one of them. What makes your life easier?

cake competition giveaway contest

Finally, if you would like to win a free personalised letter box cake, please enter my competition below. The more “tasks” you perform, the more entries into the competition you will receive. Just login with an email address (or facebook), no need to open an account or anything, it is very quick and easy, but if you are unsure, here are tips on how to enter rafflecopter competitions

The competition will run for 7 days and will end on 23rd June 2015. Rafflecopter will randomly pick the winning entry and I will contact you as soon as I can after the competition ends. Please comment below to let me know which letterbox cake you would like, and which flavour is your favourite.

Terms and Conditions of entry:
1. You must be a UK resident to enter.
2. You must enter using the rafflecopter widget below and perform the task(s) correctly (for example, if you enter your email address to subscribe, ensure when you receive the confirmation email that you accept the subscription too), for each task completed you will gain more entries into the competition.
3. You must enter a valid email address into rafflecopter so that you can be contacted if you are a winner.

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*The cake was sent to me for the purpose of this review, but the views are entirely my own.

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  2. Okay, I totally know now that we will get on fabulously! I LOVE Friends! I bought a t-shirt with it on recently and I have a ‘central perk’ mug! Brilliant review hun, and awesome cake. 🙂
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