Don’t Micro-Manage your Minions

Wanna see bald, jaundiced children (aka Minions)? I took my 3 year-old son to see the Minions movie and we all absolutely loved it, he sat through the whole movie and laughed so hard it made my heart full. We have seen both Despicable Me movies, the second one was far superior because the minions played a larger part, I’m so glad the creators realised the minions were the reason the movies were so good and decided to see if they could stand on their own, well they did, the Minions are awesome, so funny and so cute.

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The story-line is  that the minions, from as far back as the time of the Dinosaurs have been on the search for the most despicable boss they could find, and what makes them happy is to keep their boss happy, but keeping your boss happy is not very easy, as the minions find, and as I have also found, keeping my boss (toddler) happy is tricky, especially when they constantly micro-manage you, so here are my examples of the minion (me) boss (toddler), relationship:

1. If your boss asks you to move a toy from the carpet to the sofa, no matter where you place it on the sofa it will not be correct, and that is where they will micro-manage your every move and then ultimately cry until you put it back from whence it came.

2. If your boss is hungry he will pester you every 3 seconds for food, but he won’t accept anything you offer him, unless you accidentally drop it on the floor, then it will be consumed with gusto.

3. If your boss is tired he will run around the house like a minion on gelato trying to cleverly hide that fact that he is exhausted, he will fight sleep every step of the way, go to bed late and wake up early.

4. If the minion buys the boss a new and very expensive toy that the boss has been asking for every day since their last birthday, he will play with it once and the box it came in will become his new best friend.

5. If the minion buys the boss something to help the boss sleep, such as a gro clock or a night-light, the boss will very helpfully unplug the thing and bring it into their bed as a comfort toy and then wake the minion up every hour complaining that it is dark.

So if the minion could tell the boss anything it would be…DON’T MICRO-MANAGE THE MINION!

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Back to the movie…I thought the storyline was very clever, I love the minions over time, how they tried to keep their boss alive but kept accidentally getting their boss killed, then they go in search of a boss and find Barlet Boberbill (or Scarlet Overkill to non-minions reading this). I like the ending too and how they neatly segway into Despicable Me, with the appearance of a young Gru. The sixties music is very appealing, and they have the British stereotypes down – tea-drinking and all. The funniest scenes for me include the Dracula scene, the dancing guards and playing polo on corgi’s. I won’t give too much away, but it is hilarious so go and watch it.

9 thoughts on “Don’t Micro-Manage your Minions

  1. I wasn’t so sure about seeing this movie, but now you have convinced, it does sound funny! I luv your take on the minion/toddler things, very cleva an totally true!!

  2. DM2 was the first film my son watched from beginning to end and he loved it. We are a walking advert for the Minions with PJs, duvet etc. We watched the film on the opening day and loved it. All hail King Bob!

    • KING BOB!! I know, hubby and I were huge fans of the minions before my son was even born, they are so funny, so we actually got HIM into it, and he loves them. Not as much as we do tho I suspect!

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