Oh… another Disney Movie – HOME Review

On Mothers’ day, I selflessly (along with many other mothers) watched a movie that I knew my toddler would enjoy. It was the new Disney movie called “Home”.

The main character is called “Oh” he is a colour-changing alien from another planet who invades earth with all the other Boov (alien race). I so love how he got his name, check out the trailer below:

Oh is on the run and bumps into a remaining human (all the others are whisked off to Australia), a 10 year old girl called Gratuity Tucci, or Tip. (Seriously who comes up with these names?!) Both on the run, they work together to find Tip’s mother. I was pleasantly surprised that Rihanna played the voice of Tip, as she is one of my favourite singers, and she played a tween very well, it sounded believable. Tip is pretty realistic, unlike many Disney movies which are usually full of beautiful princesses.

home oh and tip image

It was pretty enjoyable with some laugh out loud moments, my 3 year old sat through the whole movie so he must have enjoyed it. I found it funny enough – mostly because the Alien couldn’t talk properly so that was pretty funny, the strange phrases he would come out with e.g “Can I come into the out now”. It does have some important messages that older children should pick up such as ‘it’s ok to be different and to make mistakes’ and home is not a place but the people you care about.

It’s not the best Disney movie I have seen, but if you have a spare few hours and get a good price, go for it.

3 thoughts on “Oh… another Disney Movie – HOME Review

  1. You are so right, it’s not the best Disney movie by any stretch but it was enjoyable enough, the funny phrases are good. Jess

    • I have actually seen it a second time since this review and it definitely grew on me. The funny phrases kinda make it worthwhile, and the music. It’s not amazing and won’t be up there with the greats, but it’s still pretty good.

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