Birmingham Sea Life Centre – mini review

Is the sea life centre really a whole day out? According to many TripAdvisor reviews it is not! We put it to the test.

We arrived later knowing it wouldn’t likely be a full day out and I tacked on a behind the scenes tour, which was fine but a bit short. My son seemed to enjoy it. He did get to hold a shark egg, see a giant shark tooth and name a baby sea creature.

We then started our tour around the centre. We played the stamping game on the way round (which gained him a medal at the end).

Our highlights of the centre were the guitar fish, no they don’t actually play guitar (anymore, they are retired)! Touching a star fish and an anemone. I was surprised by how brave Nate was. We found Dory (and Nemo), sharks, stingray, jelly fish, octopus and a large array of aquatic life.

The Octonauts 4D show was definitely a highlight. It was lovely to rest my weary feet for 12 minutes and it was a lot of fun. There were bubbles, movement and we got wet!

My favourite part was watching the giant sea turtle in the tunnel. The sea creatures swim below, above and around, it is so awe-inspiring. We found out in the behind the scenes tour that they rescued the turtle from a woman’s handbag! It was smuggled into the country in a handbag! Nate loved that story and told it to everyone.

After we completed an entire circuit of the centre we left for a late lunch at Eds Diner opposite (yum). Then came back for another go round, we saw things we didn’t see last time, the octopus wasn’t hiding second time around. We saw penguins under the water and Nate stared out a shark!

So we arrived at 11:45 and left at 4pm with a long lunch break in the middle. So technically it is not a day out but it is a wonderful way to spend a few hours and you can leave and return later to extend it further. It is not as good as the Weymouth Sea Life centre. But we did have a fabulous time.