Baby Savannah – 6 month Progress Update

I cannot believe the changes since I wrote the last update about my beautiful daughter Savannah at 3 months old. A lot changes in 3 months, in the world of a baby.

6 month old sitting up

Physical Development

This is the area that she has changed the most, at 3 months she  Continue reading


Where have all the classes gone?

faded calendar

So normally I have busy weeks full of: swimming lesson, baby massage and NCT drop-in, messy play, rhyme time etc but now that it is the Easter holidays there are no classes running, not one! It’s not like I don’t understand that the people who run the classes must have their own family, I just wish there were some classes running, I have to say it makes me nervous for the summer, what will I do win my time?

Perhaps others have lots of family and friends they can visit in the daytime or enjoy staying at home with their baby but I’m afraid I don’t, I like to be busy and I think Nate enjoys getting out too.

So off I go, shopping as there is nothing else to do, and maybe a walk if the sun returns.

Image: Dafne Cholet