Gifted – featuring Chris Evans #MovieReview

This is a mini-review, that will not contain any spoilers.

Firstly, when did Captain America become cute? Tip: Add designer stubble!

gifted movie poster

But I digress, this is a movie about a Frank (Chris Evans) who takes guardianship of his niece Mary (McKenna Grace) when his sister dies. At first they seem happy and a good team, but cracks start to show when you realise that he gave up a career as a Professor, he was perpetually single and Mary only had one friend – a c30 year old neighbour (Octavia Spencer from Hidden Figures). When Mary went to school her teacher quickly noticed that Mary was gifted (can you multiply 127 x 13?). This 7 year old girl could do math that most human beings could not do, so she was not just advanced for “her age” she was a genius! Her mother, too, was a genius, who tried to take on one of the Millennium Problems (unsolvable math problems) but suffered as a result of her genius, something that Frank wanted to avoid with Mary.

But what would you do in this situation? Send your child to a regular school so she can make friends with kids her own age and develop social skills? Or do you send them to a special school for the Gifted where she will be challenged but not necessarily developing relationships with normal kids of the same age? And to make the decision even harder, she appeared to love Maths and read Algebraic Geometry like bedtime stories! As a parent I can tell you that would be no easy decision to make.

The uncle thinks one way and the rich grandmother thinks the other and they go to court to fight for her.

The movie is powerful and sad and effortlessly funny throughout. The acting feels really natural, particularly between Frank and Mary, who steal the show. It was a great movie and had a few twists I didn’t expect. I would definitely recommend this movie for ease of watching and gentle comedy.


Have you met “Miss Sloane”? (Movie Review)

So, this movie reminds me of another reason why I’m glad I don’t live in America, the first reason is sitting in the White House and the second are Guns!

miss sloane movie film review

This movie was so under the radar I just have to draw your attention to it. I go to the cinema weekly and never saw an advert or poster for it. I’m so glad I decided to watch it.

This movie is so compelling and the largest reason was the actress Jessica Chastain. She was astounding, powerful and came across as a complete power hungry, I will step on your toes if you get in my way, B****! That being said, even though she was about as likeable as root-canal, you can’t help being on her side because her cause was gun control. What a great idea to make everyone in the US go through a 2 week check before they are allowed to buy a gun, rather than being able to pick one up at their equivalent of Tesco! The whole movie is about Jessica who is a Lobbyist, try to get a bill passed that will allow for this type of gun control. The team work together to “turn” as many Senators as they can to their cause, using every means possible.

There are more than 350 mass murders by gun in the USA every year, every year! Guns held by regular citizens kill more people than wars and terrorist attacks. It makes me so glad I live in the UK!

There was a big twist mid-way that made my hand fly to my mouth in shock and then a lovely twist right at the end. The only thing I kept thinking throughout was why is this so important to her? I kept wondering but you never really find out.

Such a fantastic movie, go and see it!


Top 10 Movies of 2014 – part 2

Continuing my favourite movies of 2014 (see part 1), these are the one’s that were released most recently and are not yet available on DVD, however, some may still be on at the cinema.

  1. What we did on our Holiday

I love it when a British movie, is not only really good, but also exceedingly funny. In addition, the views of the Scottish Highlands were utterly mesmerising, and ever since I have been looking for weekend breaks to the Highlands. How beautiful is this:

what we did on our holidays

The best part (aside from Billy Connolly who was excellent) were the children, they were so natural, and said and did things that were just so….well… kid-like! In fact, I couldn’t actually believe that an adult had written the script, so I Googled and found that the kids ad-libbed various scenes, which made sense because it just sounded so natural! If you love kids, Billy Connolly, and beautiful scenery you will love this movie. What also surprised me, after I saw the movie below (Gone Girl), was the difference in Rosamund Pike. In this movie she is a loving (although somewhat strange) mother, and in Gone Girl – Psychopathic Killer Wife – quite a transformation! Released on DVD January 2015.

  1. Gone Girl

Well, I guess I have already ruined the punch-line (above). Another fabulous movie, probably not the best for date-night, or for anyone considering getting married – in fact if you are a man, considering proposing to your beloved, I suggest that you avoid this movie at all costs! If you were at all distrustful of the media before this movie, I hope this brings it on home – don’t believe anything you read in the papers/see on the news!

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