Baby Savannah – 6 month Progress Update

I cannot believe the changes since I wrote the last update about my beautiful daughter Savannah at 3 months old. A lot changes in 3 months, in the world of a baby.

6 month old sitting up

Physical Development

This is the area that she has changed the most, at 3 months she would hit a toy, but now she holds them, puts them into her mouth (everything goes into the mouth) and gets real joy out of playing with her toys. She gets bored if we don’t mix them up, she cries if we take one away from her and she yells if one falls on the floor.

The biggest and most useful change is that she can now sit up unaided, it is great to be able to visit friends and family without having to play “pass the baby” for 3 hours, it also means she can sit in a highchair, in the bath and sits and plays with Nate, which he loves!

6 month old baby sitting up

Language Development

I didn’t know I would be adding this section so soon, but at 5.5 months Savannah said her first word, she said Dada and then later that day she said Dad. I can’t wait to see what her next words will be, Nate keeps repeating his name to her, hoping that she will learn that, so we will see!

Milk and Weaning

At 3 months we were still struggling with her formula feeds, because she wanted a bottle every 2 hours, she would snack, only taking 3-4oz. Then just before Christmas it changed to every 3 hours, and now it is every 4 hours, finally! It means that she actually finishes a feed now, usually about 6-7oz per feed.

We just started weaning Savannah, we started with some baby rice and have now moved onto purees and finger food. She has had parsnip, carrot, brocolli, sweet potatoes, bananas, peppers, corn on the cob, mangoes, toast, cheese. She really loves to feed herself, both her purees and her finger food, so we are sort of unintentionally following the baby-led weaning route as she is very independent though and will not let me put a spoon in her mouth, as soon as a spoon comes at her she grabs it, and is really good and feeding herself. BUT, I do not like the way people are militant and pushy about baby-led weaning, it actually makes me very nervous that she might choke, so I am doing a baby first aid course in a couple of weeks.

6 month old feeding selfbrocolli finger food

Her teeth are coming in thick and fast, 2 teeth over the last 3 weeks!

Out and About

We have just finished Baby Yoga, and did Baby Massage before Christmas, both with the same lady Lorraine at MamaBabyBliss. If you are in Milton Keynes I highly recommend these classes, we have had such a great time. Lorraine is so lovely, she is very accommodating – because I had a bad back, she set me up with lots of cushions and took Savannah off me for the heavy lifting parts of baby yoga. She doesn’t mind if you need to feed or change, or if babies cry, it is such a relaxed and warm environment, and there are only 6-8 people per class, so you really get to know everyone, and she makes us set-up a whats app group, which means you don’t have to work up the courage to ask strangers for their phone number. She also has a photographer (very low prices) take the most fantastic pictures once during the course, with no pressure to buy, but its so cheap you will!

baby massage 4 month old

We have just started the new MK craze – Baby Sensory classes. I will reserve judgement for now as we have only attended one class. It seems that everyone loves them, even though there are 20 people in the class (pretty impersonal).

I am loving my time with my darling girl, she is a very happy baby, always smiling and laughing, and so well behaved. I am so glad I am off work until August. Not only that, but I have this one year to be able to both drop Nate off and pick him up from school every day, it is giving me the opportunity to get to know the school parents and get involved in school life.

First Dentist appointment!

There are so many firsts to be excited about, first dentist appointment probably isn’t up there, however I was kind of excited to see how many teeth he has…why would you be excited by that I hear you ask? Because the end of teething could be upon us! Ahhhhhhhh you say with a nod and understanding.

Anyway, so the first thing they made me do, because he was a new patient, was fill out 10 million forms – are they serious! Luckily he decided to keep still and tip out the contents of the change bag while I was busy writing at the speed of light.

The dentist lady was very nice, she made us both feel comfortable and said that the important thing for him was to be comfortable and happy there and that if she cannot see inside his mouth this time, it doesn’t really matter…phew I thought (because secretly, our practise runs of “Nate open wide” hadn’t been going too well).

He sat on my lap and she carefully lifted his lip up slightly to take a peek, after a couple of tries she got a fairly good look and said they looked healthy and that he has at least 16, maybe 18 teeth, so perhaps only 2 more then he is done! Nice ๐Ÿ™‚ She said normally at his age they only have about 10-12 teeth, so he is advanced. (Well he did get his first tooth at 4 months).

Nate was very well behaved, even though he was obviously scared. He was more afraid when they looked in my mouth and used the tools that were noisy, but the book they left out for him on “choo choo trains” kept him sat like a good boy on his own whilst she checked out my teeth.

I found this useful tooth chart:


A couple of things she noted to me, was: no fluoride in toothpaste (or very low) until after age 2, brush their teeth (for them) twice per day, and obviously limit sweets, chocolate and cakes. I could proudly say that we never give him any of those currently. Not because I am being ‘mean mummy’ but because he has his whole life to eat and enjoy naughty treats, right now, he prefers fruit (which is possibly no better forย teeth, but is healthier) so we are enjoying giving him all the fruit he wants.


Where has my happy boy gone?

Nate has been teething non-stop for 3 weeks straight, in this time he has had two teeth through and the third is on the way for a total of 5 teeth. The problem is he has been so very unhappy that it’s hard for me to remember the way he used to be. Sometimes I think I made it all up, maybe he was always like this. I worry that I will never get my happy boy back. Please someone confirm that this is a phase and my happy boy will be back once the teething is over.

What a shame that hubby has been on hols for the last two weeks. I mean it’s been fab for me but I feel like he wishes he was back at work, I have to admit I was thinking it myself last week when the teething was really bad and it took us ages to get him to sleep for his naps and at night.

What is it with teeth? Such a bad invention, they seem to cause us all problems most of our lives ๐Ÿ™

Didn’t realise he was teething!

So Nathaniel is at that lovely age now (almost 8 months) where he is simply so much fun to be around. He has so much personality, he is learning to clap, he laughs like the minions in Despicable Me and then it all changed last week. He was suddenly grumpy all day long. I had no idea what was going on, I had also dropped his morning bottle do I thought it might be that at first but even after his afternoon nap he was still grumpy. For a while me and hubby thought it might be that we were giving him too much attention, or picking him up every time he moaned and therefore he had worked out how to get attention etc etc. Then I looked in his mouth on Monday and saw a white bit on his gums! His third tooth was breaking through….*light bulb*
We finally worked out what was wrong! I realise it makes me sound like a bad mother that I didn’t realise what was wrong but the last time he teethed was months ago and it was really different, that was so bad it was obvious he was teething, he had bright red cheeks, would cry all day etc but this time it was more subtle so I didn’t realise he was teething. So I thought, phew, now his tooth has broke through I should get my happy boy back…but no! He was still grumpy! So I thought I was wrong something else is bothering him, I looked in his mouth and I saw a red mark on his gums, his 4th tooth is coming through!

So here we are day 5 into this teething period. He hasn’t been too bad, he has been better in the day than last week but worse at night. We have had to give him calpol to help him cope with the pain and it took over an hour to get him to sleep last night!

I want my happy boy back so hope this ends soon. My only consolation is that teething seems to be better now he is older and I hope it continues to get easier as he gets older. Feel free to contradict that or share your teething stories with me!